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TeleWellness at LCHC

Telephone and video visits are an option for many types of appointments.

Telewellness allows you to minimize both your risk of COVID exposure and your travel time, while still getting the care you need. Many of our patients and families have found that, with our telewellness options, the demands of daily life don’t have to interfere with consistent, quality healthcare access.

You and your family can have a medical or behavioral visit with your care team through a phone call (audio-only) or over a video link, depending on the need for the visit. Many issues can be addressed via a phone call; others do require your provider to see you over video. For video visits you will need a device (phone, tablet, or computer) with a camera, and a Wi-Fi connection.

You can message your care team through the MyChart Patient Portal to see if your next visit can be virtual, or call to discuss it with your provider. In-person encounters will continue to be available for you whenever your symptoms or issues require a face-to-face visit.

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What might Telewellness look like?

You can request medical and behavioral health appointments in MyChart!

If you are having trouble with MyChart or are requesting a different kind of appointment, you can fill out this form and our Patient Ambassadors will contact you.

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