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We are closed after 5:00 pm on Friday, December 8th. Regular hours will resume tomorrow morning, Saturday, December 9th. 

We are experiencing a monumental shift in health care delivery

Over the coming year, many of our payors are changing the way in which they pay for care.  In short, they will no longer be paying by number of visits but by quality of care we provide.  In preparation for this transition, we will have the opportunity to redesign how we deliver care.  We will deepen our investment in our mission while putting our values first as we strive to improve patient access, outcomes, and quality of care.

I am writing this blog to share more as we journey along this road together. This blog is meant to serve as a conversation starter, a space to lay out context and engage staff and external stakeholders, whose insights will inform the foundational and design elements of our ideal future model of care.

Please participate in the comments section of each blog by sharing your thoughts, ideas, concerns, excitements, and help us spark a zealous discussion!  I look forward to hearing what you think.

Dr Kiame Mahaniah

Kiame Mahaniah, MD, MBA, He/His

Former CEO, Lynn CHC

Inspired by a childhood divided between a war-affected third world country – the Congo – and a high performing first world one (Switzerland), as well as parents intimately involved in rural development NGOs, Dr. Kiame Mahaniah brings a deep passion for social justice and the fight against inequities to his work. After leading Lynn Community Health Center as CEO for 7 years, Dr. Mahaniah was selected by Massachusetts Governor Healey’s administration to serve as Health and Human Services’ Undersecretary for Health in April 2023.

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