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Lab services open at 280 Union Street, 2nd floor.
Radiology / Imaging services (Mammography, X-Ray, and Ultrasound) are currently available at our partner organizations.
Dental Department is providing limited care at 269 Union Street in an alternative location. Patients with dental emergencies should call 781-581-9832.

We’re Featuring Someone New Every Day in March.

Check back to keep learning about the incredible women staff members who make LCHC who we are!

Molly Nhiv - LCHC's Women in Healthcare
Molly Nhiv
Practice Manager

She wears so many hats! As Practice Manager for both the Pedi and Blue Teams, she assists in building provider schedules, templating, blocking, releasing provider schedules, and tackling numerous other administrative tasks with finesse. Molly is an overall troubleshooter that helps redirect folks to find answers outside of administrative related questions.

There’s a bustling scene backstage! She’s an incredibly supportive presence, always ready to lend a hand and back staff up whenever they encounter unfamiliar territory in administrative tasks or scheduling for providers. Her swift explanations of workflows and willingness to assist with any needs of providers and staff are truly remarkable. She’s consistently on top of her emails and addresses any concerns I might have promptly. Her assistance has been invaluable, and staff know they can rely on her for help whenever needed.

Bailey Bollen, MSW, LCSW
Director of Community Support Programs

Bailey leads an integral team at our Community Support Program.

Bailey’s leadership impacts our health center by developing and implementing programs that address community needs, improve access to healthcare, promote health education, foster collaboration, engage the community and evaluate program effectiveness.

Bailey B - LCHC's Women in Healthcare
Gargi Cooper - LCHC's Women in Healthcare
Gargi Cooper, FNP
Team Medical Director, Deborah Walsh Smith Recuperative Care & Medical Outreach Program

Gargi Cooper, APRN-BC, is nurse practitioner at the Lynn Community Health Center and a leader in developing programs to provide comprehensive care services to homeless populations. She currently leads a novel program to provide primary care and urgent care services to the homeless and underserved population in the city of Lynn, serving as medical director of the Recuperative Care Center/ Medical Outreach Program. Through this program, clients receive internal medicine care, health promotion, care management and counseling for acute and chronic illness, in settings that include local shelters, the street, the Lynn Community Health Center and single occupancy residences.

The Recuperative Care Center Program provides safe, welcoming care for members of our community who are experiencing homelessness who are too sick to be in the shelter system or on the streets but not sick “enough” to remain in the hospital. Our team strives to make the road to health easier to travel and we are companions to our patients on that road with warmth and acceptance. We believe in reaching out to patients, getting to know them as people, and letting them tell us what they need, accepting them exactly the way they are.

Nicole McKenzie, PA-C
Team Medical Director, Urgent Care

As the rockstar medical maestro of our Urgent Care team, Nicole orchestrates the harmonious delivery of top-notch healthcare, ensuring our patients receive care as quickly as possible!

Every day is different when providing Urgent Care. Nicole’s leadership ensures everything in our Urgent Care department runs smoothly from day to day so that as many patients as possible can receive excellent service.

Nicole McKenzie - LCHC's Women in Healthcare
Lori Stevens - LCHC's Women in Healthcare
Lori Stevens, PhD, MBA, RN
Director of Nursing

Lori plays a crucial role for our healthcare team by overseeing and coordinating Nursing staff and Medical Assistants.

Lori makes a large impact on the nursing services and overall functioning of our health center. She provides nursing leadership, staff management, patient advocacy, support nursing education and training, and more!

Glavielinys Cruz, PsyD
School-Based Health Center Site Manager

Glavy has a doctoral degree in clinical psychology with certification in Latino Mental Health and Children and Families. She is the Site Manager for Ingalls Elementary School and also a clinician, providing psychological care/behavioral health care on the Sunflower Team.

Glavy goes above and beyond to combine professionalism, compassion, and creativity within her role. She promotes wellness in a fun and engaging way, plays a critical role in supporting the physical and emotional well-being of students, and helps all those around her thrive academically and personally.

Glavielinys Cruz - LCHC's Women in Healthcare
Meaghen Hamill
Meaghen Hamill
Senior Director of External Relations and Strategic Communications 

Meaghen is the ultimate combination of a talented story teller, relationship builder, strategic thinker, brand ambassador, and team leader, all to inspire LCHC staff and stakeholders.

Within her role, Meaghen fosters community engagement, secures financial resources, advocates for healthcare needs, manages public relations and communications, and develops partnerships. Overall, her contributions are essential in raising awareness, securing support, and ensuring the continued success and sustainability of the health center

Hanna Haptu, MD

Dr. Hanna Haptu, Infectious Disease expert, is the Team Medical Director for our Pearl Specialty Team.

Part of Dr. Haptu’s work on Pearl Specialty Teams is creating safe space for specialty care like HIV and TB Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and STD care. Her work has impacted countless patients and staff in our community for over 20 years.

Hanna Haptu - LCHC's Women in Healthcare
Herlivi Linares - LCHC's Women in Healthcare
Herlivi Linares, DDS
Associate Director, Dental Team

Dr. Linares is the driving force behind LCHC’s dental department, leading a team of dental professionals to provide exceptional oral heatlhcare to our community and keeping our patients sparkling with oral health!

Dr. Linares is well known for her work in developing dental programs, managing dental services, and especially teaching and mentoring countless Dental team members and students. Dental team provides great care and great energy to be around!

Elena Freydin, DNP
Chief Compliance Officer

Dr. Freydin serves as the guardian of regulations at LCHC, ensuring patient and staff safety through adherence to guidelines while also bringing a nurturing touch as a beloved nurse practitioner.

Despite the sometimes-rigid nature of rules, Dr. Freydin injects a sense of fun into compliance, guiding us to meet requirements, deliver exceptional care, and maintain safety. As a seasoned nurse practitioner at LCHC, she extends her compassionate care to numerous members of our Lynn community.

Elena Freydin - LCHC's Women in Healthcare

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