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Behavioral Health Services in Lynn, MA

Lynn Community Health Center’s “Ideal Care” model is based on the coordination of primary care and behavioral health services for those who need them.

Our belief is that Behavioral Health is more than the control or absence of mental illness or substance use — and that Primary Care is more than the control or absence of physical illness. Our vision is to promote and support the overall health and wellbeing for all of our patients.

To this end, each one of our primary care teams has behavioral health providers who practice on the team alongside their medical counterparts. Your providers work together to ensure that you get the best care possible. You also have access to other team members as needed: nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists, social workers, educators, and care coordinators. 

Whether your behavioral health needs are short-term during a difficult or transitional period in your life, or long-term in order to increase your quality of life, you and your care team will develop a plan that keeps you at the center and respects your values and preferences. 

behavioral health support groups at LCHC
Some of our behavioral health services include:
  • Short-term, targeted treatment during difficult or transitional times in your life
  • Individual therapy for both children and adults
  • Psychopharmacological medication
  • Family counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Treatment for patients with substance use disorder

You can review all LCHC’s behavioral health treatment options with your care team members, in order to receive the care that fits you and your life best.

What to expect

Our Integrated Care model means that your BH provider and your medical care team members will be working closely together to ensure that all your providers are aware of and working towards your mental health goals. We know that physical and emotional health are profoundly linked, whether your BH treatment needs are short-term or over a lifetime.

Our Behavioral Health providers are trained in the use of current evidence-based decisions to support the patient care process. Providers utilize their clinical expertise while acknowledging the patient’s personal preferences and unique concerns, expectations, and values. This provides you with the most patient-centered opportunity for optimal clinical outcomes and quality of life.

Services and providers:

Individual therapy is available at all our locations for both children and adults. During the first appointment, you will receive a systems review and a psychological and social assessment. You and your provider will develop a treatment plan and revisit it regularly.
Family counseling engages with couples and families to help with communication needs. We provide a neutral and safe environment for you and your family members to express feelings, under the oversight of a clinician trained in family therapy.
Group therapy brings together individuals with similar diagnoses in supportive groups led by qualified clinicians. Groups are conducted in several languages, and during the COVID pandemic are available both in-person and over video. Topics include anxiety and depression, cancer recovery, anger management, pain and medication management, relapse prevention and recovery, and parenting groups.

For individual, family, or group therapy, you will be working with one of our therapists. Our diverse, multi-lingual staff includes psychologists, independently licensed masters level clinicians, early career professionals, and student therapists. Your unique concerns and personal preferences will be taken into account when matching you with a therapist.

Psychopharmacological medication management can be part of your overall behavioral health treatment at LCHC. Your medication treatment plan will be developed in collaboration with your primary care team and your therapist, and your psychiatric provider will review all risks and benefits of medications with you.
Our psychiatric providers include psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners. Both types of providers have received extensive training in diagnosing and treating behavioral health conditions, and can prescribe medication and order lab tests.

Medication-assisted therapy and other support is available for patients with Substance Use Disorder.


For more information, please talk to your primary care provider about a referral to Behavioral Health. You may do this during a visit or by sending a MyChart message; or you may call 781-581-3900 to schedule a visit or phone call with your PCP.

medical interns

LCHC is a vibrant learning environment for students and new professionals. Having students training in our health center brings an energy and awareness to the latest treatments in behavioral health care. We find that students deliver excellent care to our patients, increase access, and bring diversity to our workforce. You may have the opportunity to work with a student or early career professional under supervision by an advanced, licensed provider.

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